Rules & Regulation

Trinity Matriculation School – Rules & Regulation

All Students must wear their school uniform on all school days including saturdays when there are any special classes

Parents are expected to encourage their children to participate in all activities and competitions held in the school

Parents can meet the teachers only after school hours (after 4.00 pm.). They are not permitted to enter the class rooms during school hours
Parents can meet the Principal/Vice-Principal during the school hours when they are free

Hand-Bool must be carried to school regularly

Parents are expected to attend the Patent’s Meet and open Day without fail
Taking leave on Sports Day and during other functions of the school will be strictly viewed

Holidays declared by Government of Tamil Nadu due to unexpected Circumstances, please look for the instructions in T.V. News Daily
All students should be equipped with umbrella/rain coat during rainy days.

All buses will leave on time even if it rains heavily
Transfer Certificate of applied will be issued only after a week from the date of requisition submitted during the school hours (8:50 am ‐ 4.00pm)

Students using school transport are supposed to be in their seats. Playing or walking inside the buses are not allowed

Bus fees should be paid in cash at the school office from 9.00 am. to 4.00 pm., before 5th of every month

Parents should provide us with correct mobile number making convenient for the management to mail you the daily homeworks and other activities of the school

Students should have more than 90% of attendance