About/Trinity vellore school

Trinity is a place to make learning creative, interesting, interactive and engaging in a constructive, comprehensive, practical and futuristic manner.

This institution trains children to be God fearing, grow with self-confidence and sublimation,creating social awareness to grow with leadership qualities.We encourage, Learning By Doing, right from the Kindergarden and the school tests and exams are development oriented. Class strength are deliberately kept small to enable close attention and individual monitoring of every child progress. All these constitute a solid foundation in fundamental concepts that prepares the students well for higher studies and a career of their choice, ultimately providing the best of Indian heritages with the benefits of western progress.

The latest technology of sending bulk messages and giving home works to children thru’ SMS (Short Message Service) every day. The responses are more by the parents as well as students. Children who are deserted, left uncared of by misfortunes are given refugee here. The children of this institution are familiarized with all the global advancements in the field of science and technology and especially human relations thro’ the computer training.

We focus upon maximizing student potential and intrinsic abilities to attain their goal. We provide ample opportunities to the students, the very best of facilities, equipments and amenities.

Our main object is to empower every child to be more responsible and understandable and to become the noblest citizens of free India. Moreover every child is trained to love their parents and helps the parents in day to day life. So we teach cooking, cleaning, washing and sharing the burden of the mother and sharing the workload with broad smile. Charity starts from the home and we celebrate CHARITY DAY, HOSPITALITY DAY and really our children enjoy eating together. Every child should have a sympathetic heart with at most tender care for the sick and needy. The total amount of collections from Charity day along with the school fund is directly goes for a noble cause.